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Concealed Firearms Permit Process

Download and complete a Wyoming CFP, Application before arriving at the Sheriff's Office.

Applications Information
Concealed firearm Permit Application Instructions for CFP Applicants
Application for Duplicate Permit Military Personnel stationed out side of Wyoming
Change of address or Name Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit Statute as of 7/2011
  Frequently asked Questions

Once you have downloaded, printed and completed the application, you must bring the original form and three copies to the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff Office can make copies at a fee of .25 cents per page.

Application Processing Fee's.  You will need to pay the State and County separately in the form of a US Money Order or a Bank Cashier's Cheque.

State and County Fee Schedule for CFP Appliations STATE FEE COUNTY FEE
NEW APPLICATIONS $64.00 $10.00
RENEWAL APPLICATION before expiration date $45.00 $5.00
RENEWAL APPLICATION after expiration date $55.00 $0.00

Make two US Money Order or Cashier Cheque payable to:
For the State:  DCI or Wyoming Attorney General Office, in the fee amount.
For the County:  Niobrara County Sheriff's Office, in the fee amount.

We do not accept Credit Card or Personal Checks.
The Sheriff's Office will take cash for their fees.

The Sheriff’s Office can notarize your CFP Application. Please do not sign the forms if you wish us to notarize them.

You will also need to bring your drivers license and proof of weapon training. A hunter safety card will work, or if you attended one of our sponsored concealed carry class, you can bring that training certificate with you. Learn more about our concealed carry classes that we have offer in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Once the application has been paid, you will need to be finger printed. Bring a valid State issued photo ID when you arrive to be fingerprinted. All application fingerprints are done only on Monday between 6 pm and 7 pm at the Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office Detention booking room.

Once all of the above that is listed had been completed and you are approved, you will need to visit a Wyoming Driver’s License location to be photographed for your CFP permit. You will need to take paperwork with you. The Sheriff’s Office staff will instruct you on which paperwork to take to the Wyoming Drivers License location.

The Wyoming Driver’s License location in Niobrara County is only open on Wednesday, 9 am to 5 pm. They are located in the blue DFS building at 100 East 9th Street, Lusk, Wyoming.

A Concealed Firearms Permit allows the holder to carry a concealed firearm beyond Wyoming and only into those States that have reciprocity with Wyoming CFP. Without CFP it is best not to carry outside of Wyoming.    Reciprocity states are listed in green below.

Wyoming Reciprocity Map Green States

All persons who carry open and concealed should know the laws in the state that they live and visit.  Wyoming law does not apply in other states.  Here is the Wyoming Law concerning Concealed Firearms Permits, WS 6-8-104

Restrictions on places that you cannot carry in Wyoming.

No carry into any Federal Building, this includes Post Offices and Federal Courts.
No carry into any place private or public that prohibits firearms and gives notice.

WS 6-8-104(f) restricts concealed weapons in the following locations.
-- law enforcement operations or administration without written permission.
-- detention, prison or jail facility.
-- courtrooms.
-- legislature or committee meetings.
-- school, college, university facility, and professional athletic events.
-- place were alcoholic liquor or malt beverages is sold for on premises consumption.
-- public worship places, without written consent from the administrator of the place.

Federal US Consitution
2ND Amendment

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Wyoming Consitution
Wyoming Construction Article 1, Section 24 – Right to bear arms.

"The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the state shall not be denied."


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Weapon Education for CFP


Niobrara County Sheriff’s Office has a US Concealed Carry Association, instructor.


USCCA classes are offered in the spring and fall each year. These classes are FREE, but we ask that you donate to the Niobrara County Search and Rescue, they provide a free meal during these eight hours of Citizen Concealed Carry Training Events.


People travel hundreds of miles to attend these training. The Training will help you get a Concealed Carry, CFP and give you knowledge after you have a Concealed Carry, CFP.  And all that is required or will happen should need use a firearm to protect yourself will be trained on.  These trainings our Wyoming POST certified.

Upcoming Dates

No Classes listed at this time.


Inquire with the instructor about future training dates.


Email: Randy Stensaas at rstensaas@niobraracountysheriff.org

for the current citizen training for firearm training.


You will need to RSVP with Randy about any future training dates for CFP CCA training events in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

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