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Concealed Firearms Permit Process

Learn about concealed firearms permits, CFP's in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Sheriff, Rick Zerbe

Applications for a Wyoming CFP.

  • Applications Forms
  • Information

Application forms can be obtained at any Wyoming Sheriff's Office or downloaded from above. Upon completion, the application MUST be submitted to the Sheriff Office in the county where you live.

You must provide three copies of the application to the Sheriff's Office.  Niobrara County can make copies at a fee of .25 cents per page.

Application Processing Fee's.

You will need to pay the State and County separately in the form of a US Money Order or Bank Cashier's Cheque or we preferred US Cash. We do not accept Credit Cards.

  • Fee Schedule for CFP Applictions
  • State Fee
  • County Fee
  • New Applicantions $74.00
  • State $64.00
  • County $10.00
  • Renewal Applications, prior to card expiration. $50.00
  • State $45.00
  • County $5.00
  • Renewal Applications, after card expiration. $60.00
  • State $55.00
  • County $5.00
  • Duplicate CFP Permit $5.00
  • State $5.00
  • County $0.00

All CFP applications must be signed in the presence of a notary with their stamp affixed with your signature. The Niobrara County Sheriff's Office does have a few persons on staff who can notarize your signature. Please call ahead if you need us to notarize your signature. A state issued photo identification will need to be presented to the notary. Additionla fee's for the notoray will apply.

CFP Application Processing

Your CFP applications will be ran through an extensive background check. We will need your finger prints. The Niobrara County Detention Center provides fingerprinting services on Monday's starting at 6:00 pm provided that booking is available, call ahead 307.334.2240 and ask for booking. You will also need to visit the Wyoming Driver License Department at 100 East 9th Street in Lusk, Wyoming for a photograph. They are only open on Wednesday and are located inside the Wyoming Department of Family Services building.

W.S. § 6-8-104 Wearing or carrying conealed weapons; penalties; exceptions; permits. READ MORE!

Your applications fee's will be forfeit should you fail the background investigation and not receive a Wyoming Concealed Firearms Permit.

Training Requirements

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