Emergency Dial

1.307.334.2240 non-emergency

Welcome Hunters, we wish you much success this hunting season. Wyoming Game and Fish link here.

NCSO Contact Employment Application

Niobrara County Sheriff's Office
416 South Elm, Street
PO Box 1085
Lusk, Wyoming 82225

Phone: (307) 334-2240
Admin Fax: (307) 334-2162
Dispatch Communications Fax: (307) 334-3453

e-report@niobraracountysheriff.org - Use this email to send an email to all sworn Deputy Sheriff's within our office. (Call 9 1 1 if a crime is occurring now!)

codered@niobraracountysheriff.org  - Use this email to report ECN CodeRED issues that you are having.  We also like to hear comments on how you like or dislike the ECN CodeRED system.

Emergency Services  and Other Law Enforcement can interface with our office by,

Law enforcement teletype via NLETS.

Or, a Wyolink radio - Our Communications Center (Call-sign Lusk SO) is monitoring and can talk on Wyolink talk-groups 14CAT1, MAT2 as well as surrounding area talk-groups of 21CAT1, 13CAT1, 8CAT1, 7CAT1, MAT7 and MAT1. Most emergency services and all Deputy Dheriffs have the ability to switch their radios to these talk-groups in their patrol vehicles. We also have national radio interoperability via VTAC conventional analog channels to talk nationally across state lines.


We have made a few forms available for the public to download and use.   Before the Sheriff's Office can act on any complaint a form must be submitted.  Call if a crime is currently occuring.

Θ  Vehicle Bill of Sale.
Θ  Landowner / Hunter coupon report.

Θ  Witness Statement.
Θ  REDDI Report Form.  - Call 911 to report drunk drivers.  Form for written complaints.

Sex Offenders are required to regulary report the Sheriff's Office to ensure that their Sex Offender registry information is current and correct.   All registered Sex Offenders must complete a Registry and Update form at each in-person visit, (IPV).   A mug shot must be take and photographs of tattoos.  To assist Sex Offenders an ensure that all the paperwork is completed, we have placed the forms here to download.  They must be complete and brought into the office.  Also bring in copies of all vehilce registration that you have access to or drive for personal, business and work.

Θ  Notice to Sex Offenders.   - Read, sign and bring to the office.
Θ  Registry and Update, form.   - Complete, sign and bring to the office.






  • Road / Weather

  • Road and Weather in Niobrara County, Wyoming

    Conditions subject to change without notice.

    The following links will give you the most current information.

  • <> Wyoming Road Report

  • <> National Weather Service

  • WYDOT Road Cameras in our area.

  • <> Lusk, US 18/20 mm 37.6

  • <> Rawhide Creek, US 85 mm 122

  • <> Duck Creek, US 20 mm 55

  • <> Redbird, US 18/85 mm 185

  • <> Mule Creek Jct., US 85 mm 196

  • Other States Road and Travel

  • <> Nebraska Roads.

  • <> South Dakota Roads.

  • <> Montana Roads.

  • <> Colorado Roads.

  • <> Utah Roads.

  • <> Idaho Roads.

  • Wanted / Missing

  • Wanted and Missing Persons

  • Wanted by Niobrara County, Wyoming

  • Most wanted person are wanted for failure to pay a citation. Self surrender will clear the matter, it may be as simple as paying the fine or compleating jail time.

    View our wanted list, if you know the location of any wanted person let us know.

    Most Wanted by Federal Agencies.

    Do not approach or attempt arrest. Contact Law Enforcement.

  • FBI 10 Most Wanted
  • U.S. Marshal Service 15 Most Wanted

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  • Sex Offenders

  • Notice to Register for All convicted sex offenders.

    All convicted Sex Offenders must report in person to the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, if you plan on remaining in Niobrara County, Wyoming for more than three days.

    You will need to complete registry paperwork. You may also be required to be processed. This will involve finger/palm prints, mugshot, photos of tattoos, and DNA sample collection. All paperwork must be completed and signed prior to leaving.

    Expect a few hours for processing.

    Bring any paperwork that was provided to you upon DE-registering from the county or state that you last left.

    Bring all vehicle, boat and aircraft registration that you have access to use and operate. Bring official driver licenses, professional certifications and license numbers.

    First time here as a sex offender? You can download and complete registry paperwork before arriving. You will need a PDF reader to access the download. Forms are also available at the front desk of the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office.

    Sex offenders registry forms found here.

    Sex Offenders who have are already registered in Wyoming still need to report upon entry in to Niobrara County, Wyoming. You can call ahead, 307.334.2240 and request a meeting with the WYSOR deputy. Provide your name and date of birth to the dispatcher. Your current record details will be on hand when you arrive for the meeting. You must also bring current vehicle, boat and aircraft registration that you have access to and operate. A state issued driver license or identification card is also requested.

    Public awareness of Sex Offenders

    Wyoming law requires that the Sheriff Office make public notification of convicted sex offenders living and working in the county. The most current information can be found by visiting the State of Wyoming Sex Offenders Registry website.

    When an offender reports a change and depending on their reporting requirements. The Sheriff's Office will inform the public by CodeRED of the sex offender information. This requirement will go out to all persons living and working within 750 feet from the offenders home and employment. All churches, youth groups and childcare facilities should be notified. Since there are many of these groups in Niobrara County, Wyoming. We ask that you contact us too ensure that you get this information. All citizen should sign-up and enroll for CodeRED alerts.

    Sex offender in other States.

    The following are links to other States Sex Offender Registry websites.

  • Wyoming Sex Offenders
  • Nebraska Sex Offenders
  • South Dakota Sex Offenders
  • National Sex Offenders
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  • Pay a Ticket

  • citation

    To pay a Traffic Citation

    You are about to leave the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office website. To pay a citation with the Courts use ePayment.

    By paying the fine, you waive all rights to a court hearing.

    You may not pay a citation online if your traffic citation indicates that you, "Must Appear" in court.

    Payments to Municipal Court are not accepted through this website. See the address below for Courts in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

    Your failure to pay your fine(s) or Appear in Court, will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

  • ePayment here...

  • District Court of the Eighth Judicial District
  • 424 South Elm, P.O. Box 1318
  • Lusk, WY 82225
  • Phone: 307.334.2736

  • Circuit Court of the Eighth Judicial District
  • 424 South Elm, P.O. Box 209
  • Lusk, WY 82225
  • Phone: 307.334.2049

  • Lusk Municipal Court
  • Town of Lusk, P.O. Box 390
  • Lusk, WY 82225

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  • Internet Tools

  • Public Internet Tools

    By visiting these websites, you will be leaving the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office website.

  • Road Travel Report

  • Weather Report

  • VineLink

  • Sex Offender Registry

  • Niobrara County Sex Offender Information

  • Wyoming State Laws

  • Lusk WY Municiple Code / City Ordinances

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