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CodeRED Weather Warning. The call before the storm.

(866) 419-5000  - Emergency Comms.
(855) 969-4636  - General Comms.
(800) 566-9780  - Weather Warnings.ECN CodeRED Sign Up

First Responders

Niobrara County, Wyoming CodeRed

In Niobrara County, Wyoming we use Code RED to inform citizens who have subscribed to our Code RED alerting system.  We send out general alerts and emergency notifications by phone, cell phone text message, email and social media.   Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to ensure that you can get our alerts on your social media pages; also share and like our posts.

To contact every known phone in Niobrara County, Wyoming it takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes.   It is rare that we need to call every phone in the county, but we have this calling capability.   Normally calls will only go out to select areas, who are in a notification zone or calling group.

We stress and encourage all citizens in Niobrara County, Wyoming to sign-up and enroll with our Code RED system.   You can sign-up by clicking on the sign-up button found on this page.   The process is as simple as, entering your contact information, and then geographically mapping and pinning, your phones normal location or address to a map in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Weather Alerts go out as soon as the National Weather Service issues a Warning, to a geographic area in Niobrara County, Wyoming.   When any warning is issued, you must act to save your life.  To receive any weather warnings, you must select to get these automatic notifications, when you sign-up and enroll your phone service with Code RED.

Currently, cell phone coverage does not cover all of Niobrara County, Wyoming.   There is no cell phone service in the central areas of the county.  This will delay you getting an alert that will arrive as a voice mail on your cell phone.   Landlines can also get voice phone alerts, make sure to enroll your landline phones with Code RED.

To know that the call is from us, you should program the following numbers into your phone. 

(866) 419-5000 for Emergency Communications.
(855) 969-4636 for General Communications.
(800) 566-9780 for Weather Warning Alerts.

Once you are part of the Code RED service, you can call these numbers back to listen to any calls made to your phone from any of these numbers.



The ECN CodeRED system is used to send emergency notifications, from evacuation notices to missing child and other emergency information. Residents and businesses located within Niobrara County, Wyoming are encouraged to sign up for CodeRED.

When alerts go out, take action!!!

The CodeRED alert system is free to Niobrara County residents paid for by Niobrara County. Some personal phone fees may apply such as text and data charges. These fees are at the expense to you, the phone subscriber.

If you have problems with the system our Niobrara County Sheriff's Office dispatchers maybe able to assist you. Simply call, (307)334-2240. To learn more about CodeRED and the ECN network visit here. 

First Responders

All First Responders should be enrolled under the above CodeRED, sign up.

Your duty does not stop there!  We ask that you also complete and return the following form to dispatch.  Please update if anything changes with your contact information.Adobe Reader

Get the form here!

This above printed form will allow dispatch to enter your contact information into special calling groups.   These calling groups may be used to dispatch you to calls.

School Emergency Calling Group

Adobe Reader

Get the form here!

An emergency can take place in our school system at anytime! The challenge is, how can emergency services contact only those who are related to the Educational System in Niobrara County Wyoming.

We are requesting that at the start of each school year, people who have an interest in the Niobrara County School system complete and submit the School Calling Group Enrollment form to the Niobrara County 9-1-1 Communications Center. This will need to be done annually, or you will not be called.

On October 1, of each year, all prior information is removed from the system and the newly submitted information is then added to the School Calling Group after the October 1 deadline. This process is to ensure that only current persons are enrolled with the school calling group.

Who should submit to the Niobrara Sheriff Office, School Calling Group Enrollment forms?

All educators, schooling staff, board members, leadership and members of the public who have children enrolled in our Niobrara County school system.

What are the types of calls that you might receive.

Weather related closing, late starts and early releases. In a major emergency, you could get calls concerning school lock-down and evacuation notifications and where to go to get your children.

Our children, are the greatest national resource! We need your help in protecting them! Please enroll each year for this service. Paid for by Niobrara County Commissioners and enacted by the Niobrara County Sheriff, Rick Zerbe. Please enroll each school year to get the call!

Adobe Reader

Get the form here!


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