Emergency Dial

1.307.334.2240 non-emergency

First RespondersFirst Responder Enrollment

First Responders must enroll and update their contact information in the Emergency Service Calling Group.     This calling group is only to be used by First Responders in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

A list of group subscribers will be made available to agency and department leadership for each enrolled member under the sub-calling groups.

First Responders with children in school will also need to enroll under the School Calling Group.   Use the printable form to save time and allow our dispatcher to enter you into all three systems.

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Download a printable, Enrollment Form.

Emergency Service / First Responder Calling Group.

ECN CodeRed

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Smart Phone App.

Stay informed as you travel around the USA with this smart phone application.  It allows you to see and hear emergency alerts from the ECN CodeRED System from across the US.   A Free Application download

Get the Smart Phone application here..

All Hazards Radio

Weather conditions can change rapidly in Wyoming.

In Niobrara County, Wyoming a person can listen to NOAA Weather radio in most locations.  

Southwest Niobrara County NOAA Weather radio can be heard on WNG571 Glendo 162.450 MHz.  Broadcast area map.

Northern Niobrara County NOAA Weather radio can be heard on WNG661 Newcaslte 162.475 MHz.  Broadcast area map.

Most police radio scanners can be programmed to hear NOAA Weather Radio.   If a person only wants to hear emergency alerts an All Hazards Radio should be used.