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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Question:  I am using a phone service provider that gave me a toll free phone number.   The CodeRED system will not allow me to enroll my phone with a toll free phone number.

Answer:   We do not have the ability to call toll free phone numbers such as 800.   You should request that your phone service provider give you a non-toll-free phone number.

Question:  My neighbor got a call but I did not receive the call.

Answer:  If you are certain that you have already enrolled with the system it is possible that you were outside the Geo-location for the call.   When a person signs up for the service you are asked to provide your address information.   Sometime the computer system does not understand your address location and you are not correctly Geo-located with the service.    When you enroll under the Community Enrollment, ensure that the pin on the map is correctly placed for the location that your phone is being used.     When an alert is sent out we only call areas of the county that the alerts is effecting.

Question:  Are you tracking my cell phones movements?

Answer:  No!  The CodeRed system does not track your cell phone as it moves around.   The system leaves your phone in the Geo-location that you provided for its normal area of operation when you enrolled with the service.   Your phone is tracked when you call 9-1-1 but outside that we do not track your phone without a court order.

Question:  Is there a way that I can prevent you from calling my phone?

Answer:  Yes!  You must complete a Do Not Call Request Form.   You must show proof that you own the phone by means of a phone bill and then complete the Do Not Call Request Form, have it notarized and then then turn the form and copy of a bill over the Sheriff's Office.   Once we receive the Do Not Call Request we will then update our calling computer to never call you about life safety information and emergency that will effect you and your family.  Get the Do Not Call Request Form here.

Question:  I do not have internet, how can I enroll with the CodeRED System?

Answer:  It is important that we get as many people Niobrara County, Wyoming Enrolled.   We have a printed form that can be complete and submitted to our dispatcher center.   A dispatcher will then enter your phone number and address location in the Community Enrollment and any Calling Groups that you are a member.    You can download the form here.   You can also stop by the office to pick-up a form.  Once it is completed you will need to return it to our office in Lusk, Wyoming.

If you have any other questions or concerns please get in contact with us.

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Smart Phone App.

Stay informed as you travel around the USA with this smart phone application.  It allows you to see and hear emergency alerts from the ECN CodeRED System from across the US.   A Free Application download

Get the Smart Phone application here..

All Hazards Radio

Weather conditions can change rapidly in Wyoming.

In Niobrara County, Wyoming a person can listen to NOAA Weather radio in most locations.  

Southwest Niobrara County NOAA Weather radio can be heard on WNG571 Glendo 162.450 MHz.  Broadcast area map.

Northern Niobrara County NOAA Weather radio can be heard on WNG661 Newcaslte 162.475 MHz.  Broadcast area map.

Most police radio scanners can be programmed to hear NOAA Weather Radio.   If a person only wants to hear emergency alerts an All Hazards Radio should be used.