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Weather Watches and Warnings.

A watch, means that the potential exist. Keep an eye out for changes and report changes during a watch.
A warning, means things are imminent; take action move to safe shelter!   EAS Sirens may sounded in Lusk, and Manville, Wyoming during a weather emergency.  Take shelter when you hear the sirens.  Learn more about the EAS Sirens here.

CodeRED Weather will call your phone as soon as a warning is issued!  You must be enrolled with the service before you will get any of these calls.  When the call come take shelter!

To enroll your phone visit here, to learn more about the CodeRED Service in Niobrara County, visit the CodeRED banner on this page.

During the flood events of June 3 into June 4, 2015, our CodeRED system was put to the test.  We informed many people of the developing danger and then later the recovery from the flood.  If you did not get called, you were not enrolled with this free service from the Niobrara County Sheriff's Office. 

Enroll your phones with CodeRED!

To stay current on road conditions visiting wyoroad.info

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