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Sturgis South Dakota Motorcycle Rally

The South Dakota, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Law enforcement in Niobrara County, Wyoming will be gearing up.

August 5 through 11, 2013 is the 73rd Annual Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.  Niobrara County is 147 miles from the Sturgis Rally.   Highways in Niobrara County, Wyoming are used to get to this historical motorcycle rally location in Sturgis, South Dakota.  Expect to see Niobrara County Deputies and the Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers out in force.  We will be enforcing all motor vehicle laws and sadly responding to motorcycle crashes with fatalities.


Sturgis MC Rally routeRiders to and from the Rally can expect to be delayed in the town of Lusk, Wyoming for local events such as the Annual County Fair and road closures for motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes along highway US 18/85 during this time frame.  Please plan ahead for these delays.  Drive with care.

The speed limit is 65 miles per hour and will be strictly enforced by law enforcement.

Cell phone service is limited to having no service for eighty miles between Lusk, Wyoming and Newcastle, Wyoming.

There is no fuel service north of Lusk, until Newcastle, Wyoming 80 miles, and Edgemont, South Dakota 70 miles.   This is the most direct route to the Rally from the Denver, Colorado area.  The highway conditions are expected to be good with heavy traffic, no road construction planned for this year on highway 18/85 north of Lusk, Wyoming.  There is road construction North of Manville, Wyoming on Wyoming 270, motorcycle travel is not recommended on WYO 270.

All drivers must remember, Motorcycles are everywhere!  Look twice, they can be hard to see.  Watch out for that lone rider.

Motorcycles are required to run with their headlights on.
Riders younger than 18 years must wear helmets.
Handle bar grips must be below a seated riders shoulders.

Locals are requested to be vigilant.  Report any violations of Wyoming Law immediately by calling
9-1-1 or 307.334.2240.  If you see it, hear it, report it!

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