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Motorcyclists are gearing up for long, dangerous rides, and we want everyone to arrive alive. Safe2Sturgis learn more here.


 A public safety campaign to bring awareness to motorcycle safety.

DOTs and LAW ENFORCEMENT JOIN NHTSA TO PREVENT MOTORCYCLE CRASHES DURING THE RALLY SEASON “Safe2Sturgis” Campaign Aims to Keep Motorcyclists Safe to and from Summer Motorcycle Rallies

The Wyoming and Colorado Departments of Transportation, the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the Colorado State Patrol, and local police departments are partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to remind all motorists that thousands of motorcyclists will be sharing the road as they ride to and from summer motorcycle rallies.

Because of the increased summertime presence of motorcyclists, NHTSA Region 8 kicked off the Safe2Sturgis campaign in 2016 to urge motorists to watch out for motorcyclists, and remind riders to ride defensively and wear safety gear. Recent years have shown that a significant proportion of annual motorcyclist fatal injuries occur in the days surrounding the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Approximately 10% of the 232 motorcyclists fatally injured last year in the region occurred during the three-week period surrounding the Sturgis rally, which takes place during the second week of August. While about half of the twenty-three fatal injuries in 2017 involve another car or truck, oftentimes, motorcyclists lost their lives by running off the road. The first harmful events of these fatal crashes were rollover/overturn, motorcycle vs. other vehicle in-transport, and striking a curb, ditch, or embankment. Helmet use is a concern in these fatal crashes as well. Thirteen riders were not wearing a helmet, and only one of the ten helmeted riders wore a helmet known to be DOT-compliant.

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Gina Mia Espinosa-Salcedo, Regional Administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

“In July and August, every state in the West will see an approximate 30% increase in motorcycles, as rallies like Sturgis draw thousands of bikes to our highways,”. “Motorcyclists are gearing up for long, dangerous rides, and we want everyone to arrive alive. For this reason, we’re kicking off the third year of our Safe2Sturgis campaign. All road users should know how to detect and respond to motorcyclists sharing the road, and riders must operate their bikes safety and wear full protective gear.”

During the three-week period, road users across all six states will see the same safety reminders on interstate variable message signs, banners, and social media outlets, reminding everyone from Nevada to North Dakota to watch for motorcyclists.

The NHTSA Regional Office offers general tips to drivers on how to prevent a fatal crash with a motorcycle:

Motorcyclists can increase their safety by following these steps:

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