Niobrara County Sheriff's Office.


Welcome to Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Niobrara County Sheriff's Office

In service to all who find themselves in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Sheriff, Rick Zerbe

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Niobrara County, Wyoming is located on the Eastern high plains of Wyoming at the crossroads to the West.

"The Niobrara County Sheriff's Office is key to emergency services response; should you need help, we are here by only a 9-1-1 call in most areas of Niobrara County, Wyoming."

The Niobrara County Sheriff's Office provides countywide law enforcement for the local population of just 2,484 citizens as of the 2010 census. This number of persons, however, increases in the summer months as travelers pass-through Niobrara County, Wyoming to there regional destinations.

Niobrara County, Wyoming is at the crossroads of the West. In our county runs super two-lane highways with passing zones and a maximum speed limit of 70 miles per hour. Making our area, the route of choice from the Denver Colorado metro area to the scenic and sacred Black Hill's of South Dakota, then on to Rapid City. You must travel through Niobrara County, Wyoming to know, “That's WY.”


Events for 2018

June 22 - 23, 2018 Alumni Weekend.  Facebook page here.

July 13 - 14, 2018 The Ledgend of Rawhide.  Website page here.

July 27 - August 4, 2018 Niobrara County Fair.  Facebook page here.

August 3 - 12, 2018 78th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Website page here.

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