Emergency Dial

1.307.334.2240 non-emergency

NCSO Welcome

The Niobrara County Sheriff's Office, Communications Dispatch Center is the control point for all CodeRed calls in Niobrara County, Wyoming.

You must enroll your phone before any calls will be made to your phone.

Sign Up under Community Notification Enrollment.

First responders will need also submit an the first responder enrollment form before you will be dispatch with the system.

The Niobrara County School system is also using our system to send out alerts.   If you wish to recieve these alerts you must also enroll with the first responder form.

Only check mark those areas that apply to you on the form.



County Road Closed

S-Bar Road Closed


S-Bar Hill Road is closed.

Effective immediately; The S-Bar Hill Road in Niobrara County, Wyoming has been closed to all traffic until road can be repaired.

DO NOT attempt travel on road until further notice.